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Top 6 ways to protect your skin dry on winter season

Top 6 ways to protect your skin dry on winter season

Top 6 ways to protect your skin dry on winter season

We have to face many skin related problems during winter. Dry skin and hair dandruff are most common in it. Care of body skin and hair is very necessary for this cold season. We need to moisturize our body skin properly. It will cause skin damage if we avoid our skin and hair care in a proper way. The thing which we need to remember daily for our body care are as follow:

1. Use warm water:  During winter season use warm water for your bath because it will protect your body skin for being dry. keep moisturizing your skin with any cold cream, and most important is that use mild soap for bath and avoid scrub and ordinary soap because it will make your skin dry.

2. Use Glycerin:  Use glycerin for protecting your skin dry. You can also try homemade moisturizer by mixing rose water, glycerin and lemon juice, use of this technique are better than using of market product on your skin. You can also apply coconut oil to your skin which is a very effective way to keep your body smooth.

3.Hair massage:  To protect your hair from dryness and dandruff, you should massage your head twice in a week.  Coconut, olive and almond oils are best for hair massage.  You can also try a mixture of 1 bowl curd and juice of 2 lemons on your hair for 1 hour and then wash it through mild warm water.

4. Eyes care:  Wash your eyes and rinse it then keep cotton balls of almond oil on your eyelashes for 10-15 minutes and massage from one finger, do it regularly. You can also use rose water for it.

5.Soft heels:  Oil-based moisturizers are very effective for smoothening your heels. Scrub your heels regularly. Petroleum jelly creams and glycerin based lotions are good for heel care.

6.Lip care: In winter season cold winds affect our lip skin most because our lip skin is too soft and thin. We should apply any petroleum jelly on it or we can also use any of vitamin- lip balm, it makes lips moisturized in a better way.

Top 6 ways to protect your skin dry on winter season

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